The Royal Guild of Bankers, Changers & Investors

The RGBCI is the financial heart of the city, it works a financial reporting center and community for the banks of flushport. The

Notable Guild Banks

The Institutional Guild Bank Of Flushport

The Institutional Guild Bank Of Flushport is the gem of the Ringtail family, originally the clerks to the royal family. The bank is located in the north east of flushport. The Ringtail family are a ruthless and vicious lot. Their scion, Joeseph Ringtail has taken over as the CEO, after his father’s mysterious death. Their vault is said to be one of the most secure in Flushport. The Ringtail family is of long tiefling lineage, though they still retain more of the old traditions that the race has. The most notable of which are the ceremonial percings that run down their tails.

House Farren is said to be one of their largest customers.

The Harbour Bank Of Commerece and Credit

Run by the Whitechurch family, It is the bank of choice for most of the smaller independent merchants.


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