Thieves Of Magic

Baking with Pern

Deep in the Guardian Protectorate mess hall...

She weighed out 185g of butter, the balance needed new weights, she was sure they hadn’t been replaced since the revolution. After that she moved the butter off of the balance and started placing the chocolate onto it. It had cost her a weeks wages, but it would totally be worth it. She wiped her forehead, streaking it with chocolate, and moving her violently red hair out of the way. It was cut short, you could only afford to have long hair if you were a detective, she was in the corp, a beat officer. But a year and a half ago, she had been assigned to Inspector Narla Hawklight.

She broke another another 185g of dark chocolate into bowl, biting into a piece of the remaining stack. She turned around to the hob where a her saucepan sat for her bain-marie. God, this is good chocolate. She’s going to love these! She let the chocolate and butter melt in the bain-marie, stirring occasionally. She looked over to the corner of her room where her halberd was propped up against the wall. A monstrous thing, almost as tall as her, all black iron and hardwood, it had a spiked hand guard two thirds of the way up, it was custom, not like the stock gear the garrison kept. She called it Sweeper.

Narla worked her hard, but it was rewarding, the specialist crime and operations directorate was in charge of serious and serial, emergency preparedness, vice and, her own unit, serious and organised. It was fun, she didn’t see much action, but when she did, it was fantastic. She would loose her self in it, her mother was a priestess of Bahamut, she used to call it “Becoming one of the dragon’s scales.”, Pern was a simple and practical woman, to her it was just, The Thrill.

The water in the bain-marie started boiling over. She reached out to turned the hob off but scalded her hand.
“Bahamut smite you!” she said pulling her hand back, she ran it under cold water before wrapping it lightly with gauze from her dressings pouch. She turned one of the smaller ovens on to heat it, she preferred the gas ones to the ones the RGAAAP had given them. Working under Narla, she had been instilled with a wariness for magic.

She took another mixing bowl out and sieved a third of a cup of cocoa powder, and two thirds of a cup of flour into it.

She took three large eggs and broke them into a third bowl, added one and a half cups of caster sugar, she looked at the whisk next to her bowl, then threw a sideways glance at the RGAAAP mixer. Narla may be cautious about magic, but how bad can a mixer be. She whipped it until it was thick and creamy it was pale, and about double it’s original volume. She then poured the contents of her bain-marie into the second bowl, before folding it in with a spatula, very gently, she didn’t want to get rid of the air. She then sieved the cocoa and flour from her second bowl into the one with the eggs, sugar, chocolate and butter, she again gently folded the mixture into itself it looked dry but she kept going until she had a nice gunky fudgy texture.

She picked up bag of chocolate, Maybe 100g left? and threw in the rest of the broken chunks of chocolate.

She then poured the mixture into her baking tray, lined with parchment. She then slid it into the oven and went to go about her morning’s duties.

But she would be back in twenty five minutes.


Sonnet Sonnet

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