Some steal food to feed their family…

Others are a little past that.

Welcome To Flushport.

From the darkest depths, and highest society…
From the twisted mind that killed off his own self insert mary sue even though he was cooler than all of the other characters…
I bring you…

Thieves Of Magic

A Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Campaign.

The Current Party (weighing in at 5 members):

  • Revolutionary Girl Hanzt Pal’dae – Drow Fighter
  • Bastian Blake – Human Rogue and smut mine
  • Nat(ional) Jae(ographic)ger – -Lizard Fanatic- Half-elf Artificer
  • Brae The Totally Female – Saytr Warlock
  • Wandal “New Groove” Steelfist – The Homoflexible Dwarf Wizard

Thieves Of Magic

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