Time line

The calendar system that is used in the shattered kingdom is one of thirteen, twenty eight day’ed months.

  1. Moon of Ends
  2. Moon of Cold
  3. Moon of Rain
  4. Moon of Harvest
  5. Moon of Dance
  6. Moon of Joy
  7. Moon of Feasts
  8. Moon of Songs
  9. Moon of Warmth
  10. Moon of Beginnings
  11. Moon of Souls
  12. Moon of Hearths
  13. Moon of Fears

The days of the week however remain the same.

The timeline begins in The year of Plenty; the tenth year of the Sarren family’s rule.

  • 0 IC – The Year Of Plenty: The five royal guilds are established and Flushport’s harbor is renovated.
  • 15 IC -

Time line

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