Tall, short red hair, big black halberd.


Pern Northwind is a human, she was raised in the temple of Bahamut in flushport, along side, the now rogue, Bastian Blake. Trained in combat by her mother Elizabeth “The Bloodscale/Mad Lizzie” Northwind, who despite her training as a cleric, had multiple human right’s allegations brought against her, but due to her work during the revolution, was granted clemency.

The training that Pern and Blake started undergoing as children was comparable to the training of most Chevaliers, but also had a strong sense of the practicality efficiency that Mad Lizzie was known for.

Pern didn’t know why Blake ran away, she just knew that her best friend was gone.

She left the teachings of the Platinum dragons when she turned 18 and spent the next 6 years in the Royal Guild of the Guardian Protectorate, which was considerably easy since her family had ties with The Platinum Fist, one of the founding Companies of the guild.

Pern’s fighting style, is part brawl, part military technique and on very special occasions divine waltz.


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